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Woke up this morning, made my coffee and settled on the couch to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics that I recorded last night.  Sat through the whole thing only to get to the very end where there were "mechanical difficulties" in Vancouver.  Saw everything BUT the lighting of the Olympic cauldron!!  That's the best damn part - son of a bitch!  The rest of the show was pretty freakin' awesome I have to say.  I enjoyed it way more then Beijing last summer.  My current Olympic crush is the kilt wearing tap dancer - missed his name but def. didn't miss his lightening fast feet!


Happy V-day to all of you that enjoy and celebrate it!  *smooch*

Ah, home sweet beach home!

So today didn't suck.   The car repair place called and it looks like Stella is gonna need some body work, but she's gonna be able to be fixed!!!  I was so worried they'd total her and with the move I wouldn't have been able to afford a car as nice as Stella!!  AND the car guy said that he'll try to get it doen by the end of this week, but if not it shouldn't be later then mid next week!!!  I have off this week anyway, so that's just perfect!  *big sigh of relief*  He also told my dad on the phone that he notice the front tires had been replaced but not the back ones.  About a month ago I had all kinds of problems with the tires/steering.  The mechanic replaced the front ones and told my dad the back ones would need to be replaced in the next few months.   According to this new guy, had the tires been replaced I may not have spun out the way I did.  No guarantees of course, but I have to say that made me feel better, I no longer think I may have done something wrong.  Of course it made my dad feel horrible since he was the one to decide not to do the back tires right away.  Honestly, I don't think anything would have made it any better anyway which I tried to convince my dad of but I can tell he felt horrible.  As we all keep saying, it could have been so much worse!

I'm now happily entrenched in MY house.  I have no car to get around, but really I planned on spending this week lounging on the comfy couch watching my new dvds anyway.  I'm just happy my parents brought me and my Christmas booty down here.  I love my parents but living with my mother when I have no work is torture, she drives me batty!!

In other news, I still have no new cat.  I thought for sure my parents were going to surprise me with one for Christmas but no such luck.  Dad called me from Petsmart yesterday morning because they had a bunch of kittens there (pre-accident of course)  so I drove up and checked them all out but none really clicked with me.  My mom was chatting with the cat lady and I thought she was gonna end up taking at least one home with her!  I've come to the decision that I'm a cat person, not neccesarily a kitten person.  They were all adorable but I wasn't dying to bring any of them home with me.  Of course I got home and felt horrible that I didn't adopt any, but I'm determined to find the exact right one. 

Alrighty folks, that's the latest and greatest.  Now that I'm home and know the car will eventually be fixed I'm much happier.  I was a depressed sad sack last night and this morning.  Funny, as soon as we pulled into my driveway here I got much happier.  I really love this house.  My dad told my mom he thinks when they're ready to retire they're going to have a fight on their hands because I'm not going to want to leave.  I have to agree, I don't want to have to give this cute comfy house up EVER!!

Could the end of this year suck any more?

This goes down as the worst Christmas for me ever.  Wednesday we had to put our 18 year old dog to sleep.  It's not like it was unexpected but I've been crying spontaneously ever since.  Thursday night and all day Friday my mom was sick with a stomach flu so Christmas was spent in pjs watching movies.  Not completely terrible, but def. not a great Christmas.  Then this afternoon I was finally driving back to my house down the shore.  After 3 days home I was ready for the peace and quiet.  Logan was laying on my lap, Christian was singing through my speakers, the cruise control was on and I was going down the slow lane one exit away from mine.  All of a sudden my tires spun, my car spun, I went across the fast lane, across the mud/grass median and continued to spin into oncoming traffic in the fast lane.   Then an altima hit me and I ended up in a dead stop unable to get my damn car to budge facing the oncoming, fast lane traffic.  Logan and I were uninjured, the people in the car that hit me were fine.   My car however is not fine and I don't even know if they'll be able to fix it.  It had to be towed away.  My parents picked me up and I'm back with them and have no clue when I'll be back to my house or what's going to happen to my car.  AND while I was sitting on the side of the road waiting for the cop to give me back my license and stuff, a car hit the same patch of road I did and flipped on its side!  I don't know if there was ice there, or if it was just the rain that did it.  Needless to say this week has been pretty fucking terrible and I can't wait for it to just be over.

Hope you all had a much better Christmas than I did!! 

For those who don't know, I finally moved into my new house!   A wonderful, exciting thing but time consuming and utterly EXHAUSTING!   Hence, my LJ hiatus.   Right now I'm lounging on my way too comfy couch trying to recover from all the shovelling I did this morning.  I have a billion foot long driveway that's made out of tiny stones - impossible to shovel.  Anyway, I did about half of it then got so tired I came inside to rest for a bit.  When I went back out all my new neighbors came over to help out!  I had only met 1 of them before so I was astounded to say the least.  In my old house we knew all the neighbors really well and we could have been half dead and they wouldn't have helped!!  So my driveway is clear and I now know all my neighbors and I love them bunches!  As most of you know, I'm a bit on the anti-social side so honestly if it hadn't been for this wicked blizzard I could have lived here for years without meeting most them.  So I guess that's the one positive to the almost 2 feet of snow that fell over the last 2 days.  My parents kept trying to convince me to stay there because of the snow but I insisted that the weather people were never right and that we would be lucky if we got anything.  I had way too much to do yesterday to not come down here.  I got my Christmas treat making done and wrapped every last present so I'm happy I was here, but next time it's supposed to snow a bunch I'm staying with my parents.  I'll let my dad do the shovelling thanks!!    Next on my list is getting a new kitten, I keep looking but haven't gotten one yet.  I just found one on Petfinder that I think is really really cute (http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=15107026)!  I may have to drive down there to snatch him up this week!  I keep hoping my parents will surprise me and get me one so I don't have to decide - they're all too adorable, I'm afraid to go to the shelter and come home with a car full of cats!!   Nothing much else to share.  I'm hoping now that I'm settled in and have the wireless working I'll be around a bit more.  I hope everyone is doing well, comment to me if I've missed anything important!!  OH and thanks for the snowflakes, sorry it took me until now to say thanks!!!  In case I don't get on here again this weekend, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 

Yet one more show I'm hooked on....

Rescue Ink Unleashed!  I've had it on my DVR for over a week and I'm finally now watching it.  I LOOOVE it.  Big huge tattoo guys rescuing poor defenseless animals - what more could I ask for?   I also need to say that seeing all these tattoos is making my ink addiction kick in again, damn I'm ready for another one!

On another note, how is it so freakin' dark out when it's not even 7?? 

Hockey Hockey Hockey!

WOOHOOOOOO!!!  The game Saturday night was AWESOME!!!   The blue man group opened up - not my thing, I find them super creepy- but dad loved them.  The place was packed, Duff Goldman and Jeremy Piven were in attendance.  And we WON 5 -2!!   The train ride home was interesting.  Not only was the train packed to the gills but the Devils played the Flyers so there were tons of fans from all 3 teams.  We were all very nice to one another - mostly because the Devils lost, when they win Devils fans tend to be loud and rude on the train.   I love hockey season!!! 

Spent all day yesterday painting my new bathroom.  Spent the whole day today polyurethaning all the floors so they're ready for the new carpet Friday.  I'm so damn tired I feel like I could sleep for a week straight!    I really can't wait for this damn house to just be done with.  I miss sitting around all day Sunday watching tv. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  *smooches*

Thank you Kripke!!! (and other squeeage)

Or should I say thank you Ben Edlund?   That was my favorite episode of the season, possibly in my top 5 EVER!!     There was so much I loved about it I can't figure out where to begin so this is going to be random.
1.  "This isn't funny Dean. The voice says that I'm almost out of minutes."   I love when Castiel says something so seriously that is funny as hell.  I don't know why, but this line gave me the giggles something fierce!
2.  FutureDean was even growlier than regularDean and I LURVED it.  I was getting flashbacks of BDW while listening to him order people around and while it broke my heart a little thinking of Dean turning into the asshole that was his father, it also was sexier then all get out!
3.  Jared played Lucifer BRIALLIANTLY!   It was exactly the way I'd picture Lucifer, quiet and fierce and gorgeous.  Def. managed to get across just how unfair his banishment from Heaven was.  The whole scene reminded me of Lucifer at the end of Constantine - which I've always loved.
4.  I loved that pastDean thought futureDean was a dick AND that Castiel recognized him immediately and like him better!
5.  I actually found the pink panties part funny.  I normally hate the pandering to the fangirls (which to me always comes across condescending) However I think that little bit was something totally DEAN and had nothing much to do with any fanfic.
6.  Liked that Bobby was MIA - I love him, but I'm getting tired of him.
7.  The prophet, CHUCK!  Adore him any time he's on!!
8.  The bit at the end, I don't actually trust anything Dean said to Sam.  And sadly I just don't think they will ever be able to be back to the way they were.  I think Dean is just bringing Sam back so he can keep an eye on him.  And poor Sam looked so downtrodden and repentent right then I wanted to jump into my tv so I could give him he big giant squishy hug he needs.
9.  I don't buy for a second that that was the actual future.  I think it was just the absolute worst possible future Zachariah could come up with to try to fuck with Dean's head to get him to say yes to Michael.  And honestly, right up until he said "Nah" I was holding my breath afraid he'd give in.

Other reasons for my fantastic mood right now, in 2 1/2 hours my RANGERS start the season!!  WOOHOOOOOOOO, I love hockey season!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  *smooches*

OMFG how cute is this?!?!

James Gunn posted this on his Twitter and I WANT ONE!!!  *grabby  hands*   SOOOO adorable!  Look how tiny he is, those are baby carrots next to him!!!!


My promotion got approved, it only took 9 freakin' years but I'm now officially a SENIOR technician.  Which doesn't mean anything about my job changing, but includes a small increase in pay which is awesome considering no one is getting raises this year!!   Our group had cake for me and my coworker (who also got the same promotion - she's been with the company for almost 30  years I think, I don't feel so bad when I think about her!)  and mom took me out to dinner last night to celebrate. *happy dance*  I'm so excited, it's nice to know others appreciate all the crap I do!

On to my favorite topic the new TV season:

Random rambling about all my shows...Collapse )
So there's the rundown of my tv watching list.  I'm sure I've left some stuff off (like the Mtv shows I'm still hooked on and the bravo/lifetime reality shows I watch but I didn't have much to say about any of those).

Now it's your turn my lovelies, anything I don't watch that I should be??   What are you all hooked on like crack??

I hate when tv shows get yanked so soon...

Just read that they already gave The Beautiful Life the axe.  Maybe I'm alone here, but I liked the pilot and was looking forward to watching the encore of episode 2 tomorrow night.  I signed online earlier and saw the headline about a new show getting axed - they showed pictures of Melrose, Parks & Recreation and TBL and so I clicked the article with my fingers crossed that the horrendous MP remake was the one to go.  Sadly the crossed fingers did no good.  *pout*  I just don't understand the idea of giving a show only 2 episodes to prove itself.

Just got done with a day full of shopping -which rocked.  I've gotta go get dressed and then I'm heading with the family to go see Sinbad.  I've loved him since I was little, can't wait to see him live!!   Tomorrow and Monday will be fun filled days of painting the new house, can't wait until the damn thing is finished so I can move my ass in there! 

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!!  *smooches*