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Evil is a point of view

25 February 1979
So I've been on LJ for a bit of time but never bothered to fill out my Profile. I had a little blurb here that I typed up ages ago, I figured it was about time to fill in a bit more. I have no idea what I should add. I'm 29, a Pisces, a typical italian Jersey girl. I followed a few friends to LJ because of Supernatural and have managed to make quite a few unique and distant friends. I love to read, mostly paranormal romance and most recently young adult fiction. I'm a shopaholic and coffee addict. I'm just a touch obsessed with this little show called Supernatural, some of you around here may have heard of it. My even older obsession is hockey, or more specifically New York Rangers Hockey. During the season you'll witness many posts either raving about their awesomeness or ranting about how much they suck. It can get a bit bi-polar around my journal at times. I guess that's about it, I like making new LJ friends so feel free to say hi!